The awakening of the beauty

For those who live it as an own state of the soul, beauty doesn’t know borders: gold in its expressiveness on canvas, at the discovery of new shapes to give to the reality, as a compass at the search of the beauty and pureness.

Creativity doesn’t know outlines, except that it doesn’t have them, never.
“ The Golden Room” is born, then, going through a path, with the idea of giving life to something of joyful who spurs and talks to senses.

There is a lot of naturalness in Anna Carla De Leonardis’s works, as can be the compositions of the “Golden Leaves 24 kt” on canvas which evoke dreams, desires, magical places, which contain and give part of that universal spirit of which they are carriers.

All began in a rainy evening in November……. new emotions across senses and in all senses, able to infuse a new perception of the reality with the natural energy of the noble valuable gold………its light spurs senses of the spirit we don’t need to describe, which is wonderful to live……… “Live”

The Golden Room

You can’t narrate Anna Carla….. she is an elusive moment in every moment of her life.

Eclectic in every breath, extempore, tireless in her search of the beauty, without pause, rich of perfumed emotions, of charming charades, which lead her journey to herself, where love, to love, to enjoy oneself in the deep of the soul, make of her thought the “Joie De Vivre”.

Here she is, then, to melt herself in the noble valuable gold.

Anna Carla……. “to define the indefinable will be always my only, great, inextinguishable passion…. light, euphoric, frivolity”.

The works carried out on canvas with “Golden Leaves 24 kt” express ….. the valuable elegance of the gold, rays of light like the sun… out of every control to live endless emotions….. “The Golden Room”.