Story of a passion

Creativity doesn’t know limits for those who live it like a frame of mind: gold in its expressiveness on canvas, discovering new forms to give to reality, like a compass in search of beauty and purity.
Creativity doesn’t know schemes. The only one is not to have them, never.
“1528” is born crossing a path with the idea to give life to something joyful which could stimulate and speak to senses.
From golden pictures to perfumes: art is transformed into its essence.

The age- old alchemy of essences

There is a lot of natural and metaphysical, traditional and innovative in the line of perfumes “1528”, all these sensations reflect the composition of fragrance, which evoke, hold and give part of the universal spirit they are bearers of.
Everything begun inside a double- bottomed drawer, the secret refuge of very precious papers which time made yellow but didn’t destroy saving their ancient content.
In 1395, the Genoese religious, Giovanni-Battista, who had big knowledge of alchemy, created some formulas of perfumes in keeping with natural energy of things and therefore able to give a new feeling of reality around us: new emotions through senses and in all senses.
These are age-long seeds, inspiring Muses of fragrances, which today keep intact their ancient essences in “1528”.


Perfume can’t be told … it’s an impalpable moment in its time life.
Eclectic, exciting in every breath, tireless in its search of sensations rich in rare taste …a sweet never-ending beauty.
Perfumed emotions of charming charades which bring into the journey inside yourself where love, to love and to enjoy at the bottom of soul make its thought the “joie de vivre”.
Its brave and sensual notes give a deep personality, irresistible for him, charming for her. Its trail stimulates the senses of our spirit…it is the oasis of luxury.
Here is the union that takes life in the precious and noble essence “1528” blindfold you can feel that spirit that is no use describing, but it is wonderful to live.

Emotions of soul

The line 1528 is made up of new fragrances, unique like the scent that identify them and immortalize an exclusive and dominant theme. Some voyagers of lost time brought us spices, plants, tiger woods and flowers, from new lands. All these new elements give life to the sensations of three precious caskets containing yellow gold, white gold and pink gold.